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Guess how many thumbs are up!

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Submitted by Fabien C.


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Number of players: , , , ,


Needed: No item

Type of game: Strategy

Country of origin: Japan


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The setup

1) Everyone sit or stand in a circle.

2) Each person fists must be closed and placed together.

3) One player is designated to start.

How to play

1) Everyone gets ready to decide to show either 0, 1 or 2 thumbs up.

2) The player who starts have to say “Yubi-suma” and the total number of thumbs he/she thinks will be shown (Example: if it is 2 players then the number to guess can only be between 0 to 4) while at the same moment all players must be raising 0, 1 or 2 thumbs.

3) All the thumbs up are counted and:

  • If the player guessed it correctly, that person wins the round and put one hand behind his/her back.
  • If it was an incorrect guess, then it is the next person’s turn.

Then a new round start again.

How to win

When you are correct for two rounds and so both your hands are behind your back then you are the winner.