Growing up I always liked playing games with friends.
It was fun, bringing people together and offering different ways to learn.

Later, I traveled and lived in many countries. I was fascinated discovering new games from locals or other travelers that I was meeting, especially the simple games that didn’t require much material. Although I learned a lot of them, I was not very good at remembering how to play them later (frustrating!). I thought: How come there is no good place on the Internet to find all those games? Maybe I should build one…

2play1game started there.

When working with tech companies, I was also starting to use games for team building and found them very valuable. So then, I decided to organize all the games on this site per types of learning so people could understand the different values of playing them.

I also got to work as a teacher with youth from all ages, and find that 2play1game could be a great tool for teachers looking for relevant activities/games to do with students.

Aiming to build the largest database of games!
For friends, parents, educators or other leaders to use and make life more fun, bring people together and offer different ways to learn.


It seems that games have existed since the beginning of human history (over 6000 years ago!) and in all types of civilizations.

In today’s world, you can find games everywhere there are people. Even in very difficult situations, like for people living in slums or facing wars. Why? Overtime, many stories showed that games have been used to help people stay more human, connected and bringing a bit of joy in tough moments.