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Go Bananas

Go fast to discard all your cards and peel!

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Submitted by Antoine


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Number of players: , , ,


Needed: Printer

Type of game: Reactivity

Country of origin: France


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This game is from 2play1game.com


  • Print the document ‘double-sided’, ideally on white cardstock or any thick/heavy paper so that it would be easier to play with.
  • Cut all the cards (96).
  • In the end, you should have 8 sets of 12 cards each .

The setup

1) Each player grabs a set of cards (blue, green, pink, grey, red, brown, purple or white).

2) Everyone have to stand up in a circle, holding their pile of cards face down in their hands.

How to play

1) Someone as to say ‘GO BANANAS’ and the game starts.

2) All players flips the top card of their pile and try to match their card with someone else by shouting the action name: High five, Knees, Hug or Bananas.

3) When a match has been found (for example, two people have the High five card) then they have to execute the related action:

  • High five: Make a high five (slap your hands) together.
  • Knees: Make each others touch both knees.
  • Hug: Give each others a hug.
  • Bananas: Hold hands and go bananas (act foolish) for a second or two.

Then throw the card to the ground in the middle of the circle.

You cannot skip cards, so make sure to be fast at finding a match before it is taken by someone else!

4) Flip the next card on your pile and continue until you have no cards left.

How to win

The first player who has no cards left and says ‘PEEL’ is the winner.