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Twenty questions

Only few guesses to find the mystery thing

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Submitted by Antoine


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Number of players: , , ,


Needed: No item

Type of game: Logic

Country of origin: USA


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The setup

Someone has to think to a specific thing (it can be anything: someone, an object, an animal, etc.. ).

How to play

1) Another player asks him a question which can only be answered by a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to try to learn more about the mystery thing.

2) Next players continue asking questions one after the other up to a total of 20 questions maximum.

How to win

Players can guess the mystery thing at any time by turning their idea as a question, such as “Is the mystery thing a pair of glasses?”. It must be counted as one of the 20 questions.

If all of the 20 questions have already been asked, each player can make a guess. The winner is the one who correctly guesses the mystery thing.

Let the winner choose the next mystery thing. If no one guesses correctly, the same person can choose the next thing to guess.