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Grab a spoon to survive

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Submitted by Addie T.


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Number of players: , , ,


Needed: Playing cards (52-card)

Type of game: Reactivity

Country of origin: Unknown country


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Other name(s): Donkey ; Pig

The setup

1) Get some spoons (or another set of objects if you can’t), one fewer than the number of players (like 4 spoons for 5 players). Place them in the middle, handles outwards.

2) The dealer deals four cards to each player and places the rest down as the deck.

How to play

1) To start, the dealer draws the top card from the deck, and either discards it or exchanges it with a card in his hands. The goal is to get a four-of-a-kind (for example, four 10’s or four Kings). He has to pass the discard card, face down, to the player on his left.

The next player who received a card also now have to discard a card as all players can only keep four cards. He passes his discard card to his left.

2) Everyone plays at the same time until someone as a four-of-a-kind. As soon as a player has one, he takes a spoon. As other players notice, they also try grabbing one of the remaining spoons as fast as they can. The player who fails getting a spoon is eliminated and new rounds are performed until one player is the final winner.

How to win

Ensure to always have a spoon at the end of each round, until you win the game.

Game variations
  • Extreme spoons: Place the spoons in places that are hard to reach to make it more fun and challenging.