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Be the fastest at slapping the Jacks when you see them

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Submitted by Antoine


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Number of players: , , ,


Needed: Playing cards (52-card)

Type of game: Reactivity

Country of origin: Unknown country


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Other name(s): Slaps

The setup

Each player is dealt one card at a time, face down into a pile in front of them until no more cards is left in the card deck.

How to play

1) Starting with the person the dealer’s left side, each player takes one card at a time from their pile and places it face up in the center of the table.

2) When someone places a Jack, the first player to slap his hand down on the Jack takes it as well as all the cards beneath it. He must keep them face down, shuffles them and places them under his existing pile of cards.

If a player slaps by accident any card in the center that is not a Jack, he must give one card, face down, to the player of that card.

When a player has run out of cards, he has one more chance to slap a Jack until the next one is played but if he fails, he loses.

How to win

Collect all the cards to win.