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Keep the discussion going with questions only

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Submitted by Antoine


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Number of players: , , , ,


Needed: No item

Type of game: Improvisation

Country of origin: Unknown country


Press any Play buttons below for the instructions to be read for you.


How to play

1) Someone has to ask a question to start. The more random the question is, the more fun it becomes (for example: could I ever fly?).

2) The next player has to say another question that connects to the previous one to continue building the discussion (for example: did you try doing it by holding a duck?), and so on.

You lose if you did:

  • Hesitate for more than five seconds to say a question
  • Say a question that doesn’t relate

How to win

Be the last one in the game to win.

Game variations

You can also play per team when each team goes one after the other. If anyone in a team fails, the team has to stop.