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Keep the discussion going with questions only

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Submitted by Antoine A.


Number of players: , , , ,


Needed: No item

Type of game: Improvisation

Country of origin: Unknown


How to play:

1) Someone has to ask a question to start. The more random the question is, the more fun it becomes (for example: could I ever fly?).

2) The next player has to say another question that connects to the previous one to continue building the discussion (for example: did you try doing it by holding a duck?), and so on.

You lose if you did:

  • Hesitate for more than five seconds to say a question
  • Say a question that doesn’t relate

How to win:

Be the last one in the game to win.

Game variations

You can also play per team when each team goes one after the other. If anyone in a team fails, the team has to stop.


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