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Make your team guess a word through drawing

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Submitted by Antoine


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Number of players: , , ,


Needed: Pen and paper

Type of game: Drawing

Country of origin: USA


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The setup

1) Divide the group into teams of at least two people each and give each team a name. If there are only three people in total, two people compete guessing and one person is dedicated to draw for others.

2) Someone should cut 3 small pieces of paper for each player.

3) Looking at the following categories:

  • Person, Place, Animal
    Examples: Obama, China, cricket…
  • Action
    Examples: Dancing, climbing, singing…
  • Object
    Examples: Cookie, table, car…
  • Difficult (to draw)
    Examples: Grand Canyon, vegetarian, professor…

Each player should write down a category name and a matching word on each of the 3 pieces of paper.

4) All papers with words should be placed in a box and shuffled.

5) Each team should be provided with pen & papers (or a whiteboard) to do drawings during the game.

How to play

1) The group decides which team starts and someone from that team will have to pick a piece a paper from the box.

2) That person has to read the word and keep it secret from anyone else. Then, he has to draw the word and get his team to guess the word while doing it, in one minute only!

  • The person drawing should not make any gestures or noises to try helping his team.
  • The drawings cannot have any numbers or letters.
  • Non-playing teams are allowed to throw irrelevant hints while someone draws to try distracting.
  • If the team succeed guessing the word correctly under the one minute time limit, they win one point.

3) The other teams take turns similarly until no more pieces of paper are left in the box.

How to win

Be part of the team with the most points to win.

Game variations
  • In the original Pictionary game, if a team wins a point then it keeps playing.
  • You can use a dice to figure out which category a team must draw from:
    • 1: Person, Place, Animal
    • 2: Action
    • 3: Object
    • 4: Difficult
    • 5: All Play
    • 6: Wild (you pick)
  • Rather than having each player creating words at the beginning of each game, you can have someone else writing down words so then no players knows what they are.