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Cross the field back and forth without being touched

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Submitted by Antoine


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Needed: No item

Type of game: Active (Outdoor)

Country of origin: Philippines


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Other name(s): Harangang-taga ; Tubigan

The setup

1) Draw a big rectangle on the ground, around 6 meters long by 4 meters large (using a chalk, pebble or even tape).

2) Trace 4 extra lines in the rectangle to divide it in 6 parts.

3) Split the players in 2 teams (each team has 2 to 6 players).

4) One team will start has the ‘Passers’ and the other team has the ‘Guards’. You can decide that by tossing a coin, doing rock-paper-cissor or using any other method.

5) Each Guard goes stand on a line of the rectangle. He is only allowed to move on his line and must always keep his two feet on it.

The Guard on the first line is the team leader usually called ‘Patotot’ and has the right to also move on the central line crossing the rectangle.

How to play

1) To start the game, all Passers must go and try crossing the rectangle back and forth without being touched by any of the Guards.

  • If anyone succeed, they score 1 point for their team.
  • If a Passer fails as he got tagged, he is out of the game and have to wait until the next turn.
  • If a Guard tagged a Passer without having his two feet on his line, then it does not count.

2) Once all Passers have finished (either won or lost), the teams switch roles (Passers become Guards, and Guards become Passers) for a new turn to start and complete the round.

How to win

Be part of the team who scores the most points after a set amount of rounds to win.

Game variations
  • A version of the game adds a 2 minutes time limit for the Passers to cross.
  • Another version stops the turn as soon as one Passer is tagged.