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Win the fight using Kamehamehas

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Submitted by Amy Z.


Number of players:


Needed: No item

Type of game: Strategy

Country of origin: Unknown


The setup:

The two players need to be facing each others.

Each opponent starts with three lives.

How to play:

1) The players can start the first round by placing their hands together near their hip and saying “ka…me..ha…meee”

2) Followed by “…haaa” and one the three possible actions:

  • Charging: This action itself doesn’t do anything but it gives you the ability to do one Super Kamehameha anytime after it
  • Blocking: This will protect you from any regular Kamehamehas but you still lose one life if you receive a Super Kamehameha
  • Kamehameha: This attack will make the opponent lose one life (or two lives if it is a Super Kamehameha)

3) Once the round is over, players move to the next one.

How to win:

Get your opponent to have no more lives remaining to win.

Game variations

You can also add the Senzu action for the game to potentially run longer: This action gives the player one extra life.


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