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Win the fight using Kamehamehas

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Submitted by Amy Z.


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Number of players:


Needed: No item

Type of game: Strategy

Country of origin: Unknown country


Press any Play buttons below for the instructions to be read for you.


The setup

The two players need to be facing each others.

Each opponent starts with three lives.

How to play

1) The players can start the first round by placing their hands together near their hip and saying “ka…me..ha…meee”.

2) Followed by “…haaa” and one the three possible actions:

  • Charging: This action itself doesn’t do anything but it gives you the ability to do one Super Kamehameha anytime after it,
  • Blocking: This will protect you from any regular Kamehamehas but you still lose one life if you receive a Super Kamehameha.
  • Kamehameha: This attack will make the opponent lose one life (or two lives if it is a Super Kamehameha).

3) Once the round is over, players move to the next one.

How to win

Get your opponent to have no more lives remaining to win.

Game variations

You can also add the Senzu action for the game to potentially run longer: This action gives the player one extra life.