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Get a four of a kind and use a secret signal to win

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Submitted by Antoine


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Number of players: ,


Needed: Playing cards (52-card)

Type of game: Reactivity

Country of origin: Brazil


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The setup

1) Players have to form two teams.

2) Everyone sits around a table and the people who are in the same team have to be diagonal to each other.

How to play

The goal is to get a four of kind and secretively let one of your teammate know.

1) Prior to start a round, each team has to step out and decide on a secret signal that will indicate to each other when they have four of a kind during the game. The secret signal can be any word(s), motions, or even holding your cards a certain way.

2) To begin the round, each player is dealt four cards. Four other cards are turned face up on the table and the rest is left in a pile.

3) Now all players can first put one of their card down on the table and take another one instead to try forming a four of kind.

4) When everyone is done switching cards, someone clears the four cards on the table and then draw four new ones from the pile.

A player may call “Kemps!” if they believe that one of their partner has four of a kind. If correct, the team gains a point. If not, they lose a point.

If a player believes that an opponent has four of a kind and has not called “Kemps!” yet, they may cut them by calling “Counter-Kemps!”. When a player cuts, any opponent with four of a kind must show their cards. If they have a four of a kind, then the cutting team gains a point. If not, then the cutting team loses a point.

How to win

The team that first reaches four points wins.