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Keep making the ball bounce on the opponent side

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Submitted by Awder


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Number of players: ,


Needed: Ball

Type of game: Active (Outdoor)

Country of origin: Unknown country


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The setup

1) Trace a square on the ground, each side being about 2 wide steps long.

2) Trace a line to divide the square in two (that line is the net).

How to play

1) Players have to decide who starts to serve first. If there was a previous game, the person who lost starts.

2) Each person is placed facing each other (with the net in between), outside of the field.

3) The person starting has to serve by throwing and kicking the ball to make it bounce on each side of the field.

  • The ball can touch lines but not the net.
  • If that person fails the first attempt, he has a second try. If he fails again, then a point and the serve is given to the opponent.

4) The next person has to send it back before it touches the ground again by kicking it and making it bounce on the opponent side. Players are allowed to step into their side of the field.

Players have to continue passing the ball until someone fails sending it back properly. Otherwise the other player get a point and the serve.

How to win

Be the first player to reach 11 points to win.

Game variations

You could play 2 vs 2 by applying the same rules but having 2 players on each side of the field and doing turn-by-turn play. For example, a player in a team serves and his teammate would have to be the one sending the ball back right after.